Russian Translation Services

Professional Translation Services for the Russian Language

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Russian Video and Audio Recording

We can translate any video or audio text into Russian and record it with professional Russian speakers. We record with highly skilled professional voice over artists from Russian. We can also transcribe and translate your Russian video or audio into any other language.

Videos can be dubbed as:

  • Voice over: An already produced video is recorded in other languages, taking original timing into consideration and time synching the new production to the original timing. If a speaker is on camera, the speaker can record as lip sync, or as voice over. For on-camera segments, it is recommended to leave a little bit of the original language under, or delay the new recording by a few seconds so that the original on-camera audio can be heard, but then fades away and the new recording takes over.
  • Phrase sync: The speaker breathes and acts like the person on camera, and tries to match the lips as much as possible, but cuts corners where possible.
  • Lip sync: The speaker on camera appears as if he or she speaks that language.
  • Narration: Recording at speaker’s own pace with no consideration to timing.

Among our recordings:

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Telephone Systems
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Commercials/Promotional Recordings
  • Cartoons
  • E-Training
  • E-Learning
  • Audio books
  • Videos for websites

If your recording needs include languages other than Russian please visit our Voice Center.