Russian Translation Services

Professional Translation Services for the Russian Language

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Russian Translators

All of our Russian translation projects are handled by professional translators who are native Russian speakers with full command of the English language. Translators are living and working in Russian to ensure proficiency with the constantly evolving language thereby guaranteeing that the translated document reads and sounds as if it originated in Russian.

Each project is handled by at least two Russian translators, one that provides the initial translation and another to review that work. In addition, a Russian speaking project manager, who can verify consistency and accuracy, provides a final quality assurance check.

For larger translation projects, a team of Russian translators is used. The team starts by creating a translation glossary, which is then used by all translators involved in the projects to ensure consistency of the end product. The glossary is also archived for use in all further projects from the same client to provide cost savings to clients with multiple or ongoing project needs.